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 A                    course that it teaches you how to                     your photos, connect with your target audience, enhance the overall                    understand the use of elements beyond their subject,                                                            without a shot list, diversify your portfolio, and move away from repetitive prompts and poses.

master the art of creating. movement



client experience,

get past the posing


master the art of creating.

visual elements of storytelling

client experience & attracting the right client

How to create and set up a storytelling scene

creating your own prompts

What We're Covering

"Investing in the course completely transformed my how I work with my clients! I would highly recommend this course to any photographer wanting to shoot and edit in a cinematic way.!


raw & unposed

for the

6 Modules | 30 In-Depth Video Trainings

13 Templates
6 Questionnaire Templates
15 Page What To Wear Template
5 Mood Board Template
8 Page Location Guide Template
23 Page Client Guide Template
3 Instagram Templates

3 Guides
Camera Settings Guide
Guide to Lightroom Shortcuts
Art Of Music Guide

3 Extra Resources
Film Recipes
Helpful Tools

18 Page PDF E-Workbook

The Details




lose the shot list and capture what is real. create an experience for your clients

Fine Art Film Brazen Workshop / Video by Pexels

anyone who....

- struggles to find ideal clients and build a connection with them
- does not have a solid client experience
- lacks direction when working with couples
- forgets poses or prompts, leading to panic during photoshoots
- relies on repetitive prompts and seeks ways to diversify them
- wants to master the art of lighting, composition, editing, and storytelling
- feels out of their comfort zone when it comes to directing clients 
- uncertain about creating edits that convey a narrative
- unsure how to enhance the client experience through post-production

Who is this course for?

it allows you to break into storytelling, connect with your target audience, enhance the overall client experience, understand the use of elements beyond their subject, master the art of creating movement and shots without a shot list, diversify your portfolio, and move away from repetitive prompts and poses.

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you may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

Forever! Once you sign up, you can watch this course as many times as you'd like at whatever pace you'd like. Revisit it anytime.

Due to the digital nature of my products, there are no refunds. All sales are final. If you are on the fence about any aspect of this course, feel free to DM me to see if it’s a right fit for you @photosbyhannmarie.

Yes! You can DM me any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them!

Absolutely yes! If I could give my younger self advice, it would have been to invest in my education earlier on in my business, as it would have saved me a lot of time and made me a lot more money. Regardless of whether you’re going into your first year of business part time.

Yes! If you are using the same prompts over and over or want to learn how to tell a story without using prompts constantly then this is absolutely for you.

Yes! The course is created to guide you through every step of the process. I teach you how to prep, plan, shoot, edit, and deliver your photos to your client so that you are confident with the whole storytelling process. 


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