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I have dreamt of the moment where I get to teach other creatives the ins and outs of photography. Over the years, I have learned from my mistakes and taught myself how to form a brand around my business. I want to give you the chance to pursue your dream and provide a roadmap for you. This education platform creates a community for others to grow and get inspired by bringing passion into your everyday. 

Resources and education for
seasoned photographers.

For the photographers who crave connection to their clients and want to intentionally guide them

Breaking the Pose

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It took me some time to understand storytelling. For the longest time, I thought it was just memorizing prompts just like a shot list. While anyone can use prompts to create a narrative, once I learned to create a scene (direct) and anticipate moments before they unfolded, my perspective on photography completely shifted. This approach demanded more than the usual preparation, shooting, and editing routine. I realized how much I could enhance the client experience when they booked with me. I wanted to elevate my work and deliver a rememberable experience, which not only enhanced my photos but also improved my work ethic and transformed my business entirely.

Why did I create this storytelling Course?

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Investing in yourself is true dedication to your business and the best support you can give to yourself. Whether you've been a photographer for years or just starting out, my educational resources will give you that push to level up your business and take control.  

Let me guess, you need a just a little help to go full time, get that shot, or create the perfect edit. Maybe even a nudge in the right direction...

business overlooks

steps to prepare you for the transition to full time

financial outlooks

How to Properly Set up your business

If you've been eager to transition into full-time photography, but you're uncertain about your readiness and the process of starting and legalizing your business, I'm here to help.

The Start Up


become confident showing up to your shoot

What to Include in your questionnaire

effectively communicate with emotion

Understand the meaning behind the questions 

Connect with your clients on a deeper level by asking the right questions, allowing you to delve deeper into storytelling and helping your clients feel more comfortable with you.

Client Questionnarie


Customized options to fit your brand

5 templates for Instagram posts

5 instagram story templates

10 Mood boards 

Create stunning mood boards for your clients, styled shoots, or for yourself. 

Mood Board Templates


more coming soon!

Have you been wanting to go full time and not know if you're ready? Not sure how where to start? Feeling intimidated because there's no one to tell you how to start up your business step by step? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

The Start Up


This course teaches you how to break into storytelling, connect with your target audience, enhance the overall client experience, understand the use of elements beyond their subject, master the art of creating movement and shots without a shot list, diversify your portfolio, and move away from repetitive prompts and poses.

Breaking The Pose


PBH Library

1:1 Mentoring is a personalized session where you are the only student. It’s catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are at with your photography — no holds barred.

Happy Customers

"You are the best! Seriously just that call changed my whole business. Someone already booked me with my new proces! Eeeeeek I can do it! Thank you!"

FL Based Photographer

"Wow. We can't believe how much information you went over in just a short time. We applied what you had taught us and we have already seen growth with our business! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn't have done it without you!"

CO Based Photographers

more proud alumni

Far North Podcast, Euphoria Interior Design, Kodiak Photography, Goodfellow & Co., Ophelia & Stone and many more...

By adopting a storytelling approach, you'll not only capture moments but also craft an immersive experience that clients are willing to invest in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the option you choose, my mentorships can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. 

All of my guides will be automatically emailed to you after payment. If you did not receive your guide please reach out via email to

I do! My three hour mentor session includes a styled shoot where we will photograph a couple together so that you have hands on learning. 

Please reach out! If there are a ton of common questions about a certain topic that I don't cover, I may make a guide for it! 

If a product is on sale, it will be reflected on my site and social media! 

The main reason is to allow a space with no interruptions from the outside world. Unless you are choosing my three hour mentorship, I believe that learning in a space that makes you comfortable is very important. It also makes it easy for me to share my knowledge with a bigger community of photographers around the world instead of closing it off to local creatives.