I strive to create lasting memories with emotion and I am just as passionate about helping you tell your story.

The Experience

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        I believe: Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever.
— Peter Hagerty 



I believe that it is my mission to capture every emotion and detail to make your moments


02 — I believe everyone is an individual, so everyone should have a unique experience, tailored to their specific vision.

I believe that the moments you want to remember aren't always perfect or scripted, they are uncut, raw and overflowing with emotion.


My Values

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and what I can do for You!

What I do

I take a slightly unconventional approach to my craft. I specialize in capturing nostalgic photos through the art of evocative storytelling. 

I believe in diving deep and connecting with you while learning about your story to create a truly unique and meaningful experience. When you choose to work with me, you can expect a strong creative experience where we collaborate to bring your vision to life. I prioritize you above all else. My commitment is to ensuring your best experience, and if that means suggesting another photographer, I won't hesitate. Your interaction with the photographer significantly influences your later sentiments towards your photos. 

My aim is to create an enthusiastic, joy-filled atmosphere where we both are ecstatic about working together—that's the level of dedication and excitement you deserve from a photographer. This approach to photography ensures timeless, emotive, and vintage-inspired photos that authentically represent you and your life's journey.

The Experience

I am the epitome of laid-back and carefree vibes. I can be easily entertained by just about anything, even though apparently my face gives off a resting bitch face (RBF). I say "yeehaw" or "hell yeah, brother" whenever the mood strikes, and trust me, it always does.

I have a fur baby named Libby, and she is the sweetest pup ever. I initially went to school for sports medicine, but fate had other plans for me. I started photography as a way to get myself out of the house when I was in an abusive marriage. It quickly turned into a passion for capturing authentic moments with a camera. Now, I see life differently, and for that, I am grateful.

I grew up in Florida, moved to Hawaii in 2019, returned to Florida in 2021, and finally settled in South Carolina this year. I never know where life will take me next, and I believe that's the best part of it all. 

My Story

How I turned a happy accident into a thriving photography community

I may not be the photographer for everyone, and that's perfectly fine. I have a deep passion for capturing the messy, unfiltered moments, embracing dark and moody edits, and incorporating grainy film photos into my work. I firmly believe in preserving the raw emotions that make each person's life unique.

Life is messy and unpredictable, and I fully intend to find beauty in every moment, whether it's good or bad. I'm not a super serious person. I enjoy making jokes and going with the flow. I've built this business on my own and have learned so much along the way. I believe that by making a genuine connection with my clients and truly getting to know them, I can better serve them and create images that truly reflect their essence.

I am grateful to God for guiding me into this career because it was never on my radar, but I can't imagine my life without the ability to capture the love and beauty that people have to offer.

Hann was such a blast to work with, and so easygoing! My fiancé and I usually stray from taking pictures, and she made the whole shoot feel effortless and fun. I loved how nothing felt forced/posed, and we could be ourselves. She turned the edited images back to us insanely fast, and I couldn’t imagine them looking any better. We are obsessed to say the least!

Photos by Hann Marie


Kristin LaGana

I never write reviews, but my experience was absolutely outstanding so I had to share. Hann is not only an incredible photographer, but she is also the sweetest person. I got in contact with her through a friend the MORNING OF our scheduled elopement because our other photographer cancelled on us due to hurricane Ian. Our floral arrangement also fell through for the same reason, and Hann took it upon herself to make us a bouquet of flowers. The flower arrangement was so beautiful and it was such a special experience that she did all of that for us! Hann captured the best moments during the ceremony and first look, and even filmed these moments. After the ceremony, we took more photos during which she made us laugh and feel incredibly comfortable. The photographs were absolutely stunning, she really is an artist and has such an amazing eye. I could not recommend her enough, you will be so happy you did! Thank you so much Hann, we are forever grateful to have found you and to have you be a part of our special day!!!

Photos by Hann Marie


Natalia Trikoz

Hannah was amazing to work with, and we could not be more pleased! She made us feel like our happiness was her number one priority from start to finish. Even before we hired her, she sent us pictures of her work so we could make the decision if her unique style and our vision were a match! We made the decision pretty quickly to book her for our engagement and wedding photos and we’re so glad we did. She was professional, but not stuffy. You definitely get the feeling like you’re best friends after speaking with her…she makes you feel so comfortable. I believe she also goes above and beyond what her job entails. She answered all my questions about my wedding timeline and made sure I felt at ease with everything. And her work is BREATHTAKING! She made me feel so pretty and she really took the time to capture all the details beautifully. I really just can’t say enough good things about her. Please, if you’re looking for someone to shoot your special moments, look no further than this lady here. You won’t be disappointed!!

Photos by Hann Marie


Dianna L.

Overheard around town

My job is to romanticize your relationship and show the depth of your connection through every photograph. I have mastered the art of third wheeling. I will serve you from the moment you inquire to the end. I capture emotion over basic poses. My goal is deliver moody + grainy photos that will take you back to that day you shared together. Photos that make you feel beautiful and give you the confidence to embrace your beauty and love.

Hannah Shipe

If you ask me, I am a self-proclaimed badass photographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty.

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